Alberta Grade 1 Tree Register
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Mapping The Stories of Alberta’s Grade 1 Trees

For over 60 years, the Alberta Government has delivered nearly 70,000 tree seedlings to Grade 1 students across the province. We started this project with a question – where are they?

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About Us

We are Joshua Kirsch, a grade 9 student passionate about finding and mapping Heritage Trees, and Dustin Bajer, an educator, tree enthusiast, and tree grower. We believe in the power of trees to tell stories about the people and communities that tend them.

Our plants reflect ourselves; for many, our Grade 1 Trees hold a special place in our hearts and childhood homes. We created the Alberta Grade 1 Tree Register to see how many Grade 1 Trees we can locate.

In The Media

Alberta Tree Register

Alberta Tree Register

Project Partner

The Alberta Tree Register seeks to catalogue and map uncommon, old, large, and historic trees across the province.

Edmonton Heritage Council

Edmonton Heritage Council

Granting Partner

In 2019, The Edmonton Heritage Council provided a Community Accelerator Grant to Dustin Bajer to research and catalogue heritage trees across Edmonton.

The Alberta Grade 1 Tree is an extension of that work.

Community Partner

Shrubscriber brings together gardeners, educators, schools, and organizations with community, workshops, seeds and step-by-step instructions to propagate and distribute thousands of trees so that we can grow a food-secure, biodiverse, and climate-adapted Edmonton.

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